About Meeùs International Desk

Cross border business represents extra challenges, such as language and cultural issues. That is also the matter with Insurance issues where additional legal and regulatory apply. Therefore you need a trustworthy partner with international knowledge and connections. The Meeùs International Desk offers that platform and the specialists are ready to assist you.

The advantage of the Meeùs International Desk

  • Central control on holding level
  • Decentralised advice on parent company
  • Insurance arrangements in all countries based on good local standard

Meeùs provides local assistance of partners of the Assurex Global Network

Does the Group have entities abroad? You want to be sure that local insurance solutions are compliant with local law and regulations. That should also be done cost effictive. The specialists of the Meeùs International Desk take care of your issues through global insurance programs with the local assistance of the Assurex Global network. The result is that you have central control on holding level and you are nevertheless ensured of professional local service and claims management. For more information contact the specialists of Meeùs International Desk. They are pleased to answer any question and support you with your international challenges.

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