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The goal of your company is expansion? The Netherlands as a market is often too small. However, when you do cross border business deals, you experience a different way of doing business. That also applies when you need to arrange insurance issues.

Insurance is an important issue to protect your company. It is important to be able to rely on a trustworthy partner, your insurance broker who knows the international trade. The Meeùs International Desk has the know how and is happy to assist you!

For foreign companies with interests in the Netherlands they are the focusing point and coordinate the insurance business over here. Usually this business is introduced by foreign brokers or underwriters.

Meeùs International Desk to assist you
Do you have entities abroad? Do you want to be compliant with local laws and regulations? And you don't want to be overcharged? For a good advice you should consult the experts of the Meeùs International Desk.
They are in a position to offer a worldwide Insurance Program, and organize local servicing through the Assurex Global network.
Regardless whether you have entities in the EU only, or in in other parts of the world including emerging markets like Australia, Brazil, the Middle East PRC or Africa. 

Global network of International Brokers
Meeùs is the Dutch member of Assurex Global, the largest network of privately owned insurance brokers. Besides that we also are a member of International Benefits Network. The partners of these networks are selected on their professionalism and are in the top of the local insurance market. Your risks are ensured of high quality professional services. 

The advantage of using the Meeùs International Desk:

  • Central coordination and overview of the risk solutions
  • Consistent protection in all countries by the worldwide program solution
  • Local arrangements based on “good local standard”
  • Reliable internationally organized underwriters
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Management information on Group level

For more information

Contact the Meeùs International Desk to find out the added value for your organization.
T + 31 20 301 15 15.

We are ready to assist you to find the best solution for your international activities.

International Desk in Dutch
 International Desk in Dutch